Michelle & David

Michelle and David’s wedding was simply delightful.  Despite recent health setbacks Michelle was a wonderful example of how to take things in your stride and have a positive outlook on life.  It was obvious nothing was going to spoil David and Michelle’s special day.  We were also thrilled by the horse and carriage that was part of the celebration.  Susan was so taken by the beauty and majesty of the horse and carriage she suggested we should do the same for our 25th wedding anniversary!   Thank you so much Michelle and David for allowing us to be a part of your special day. Click here to view more photos.

May God bless you. May your love for each other grow and remain strong in your life together as husband and wife. Click here to view more photos.

David :)

perth wedding Bride and groom

perth wedding bride and groom


Perth Bride

Perth Groom

perth wddding horse and carriage

perth bride and groom

bridal part in perth

bride and groom

birde and groom in perth


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