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Portraits  Photography - Shaggy Dog Productions Portraits  Photography - Shaggy Dog Productions Portraits  Photography - Shaggy Dog Productions Portraits  Photography - Shaggy Dog Productions

The most important thing about portrait photography is an interest in your subject. We love the creative challenge of capturing a person’s personality in our portrait work.

We offer a variety of portrait styles, from candid to set formal poses for individuals or family/groups. Susan has also collected a number of props which are suitable for staged photos of babies and young children. We also encourage and welcome your ideas and creative input.

portrait of young girl 01

baby collage sample 01

baby portrait sample 01

Having a purpose built studio at the back of our home allows us the freedom to be flexible with our portrait bookings – especially when family members are often only available after hours for a group session. Children particularly seem more secure and relaxed when being photographed in a home than at a commercial site or shopping centre venue. It is more private, and certainly lends itself to a less rushed approach. It is also much easier if a young one needs to respond to the call of nature or requires a nappy change!

Portrait of young klady 05

Claire and Regan - Shaggy Dog Productions

It is of course also possible to request a photo session at a location that is of special significance to you, or even at your own home. Some babies and children are best photographed in their own home environment. Such bookings will need to consider the logistics (e.g. lighting, travel time) and can be negotiated on a case by case basis.

Outdoor Family Portrait 01

We have also included on our FAQ Page some practical tips and suggestions for you to consider when preparing to have a portrait photograph taken.  We look forward to the opportunity to capture some wonderful portraits for you, your family and your friends.

Mum and daughter Portrait 01

baby hands photo

group portrait 01